The Bobok Health Care Centre and Maternity Clinic

A new Health Care Centre an Maternity Clinic in Bobok.

Stonelaying by doctor Hans Smets together with the women from Bobok

Family Doctor Hans Smets can, at long last, break the ground in the mountain village of Bobok, for a unique new project. At the moment, when one of the villagers is sick, they have to travel for eight to ten hours to reach a hospital. Villagers have been telling us that it is a regular occurrence that both mother and baby don’t survive the trek to the hospital. A trip like that is also very hard on the financial resources, especially when it involves overnight stays for family members. For the use of the 25,000 villagers living in the vicinity of Bobok, this Centre will be there very soon! The land for the new Centre was donated by the local inhabitants as their charity!

The new Centre-and-Maternity Clinic will be called “Chaap Bhanyang.” Chaap is the name of a special, probably more than 200 year old tree in Bobok. In the spring, when the giant tree is covered in blossoms, one can enjoy the heavenly fragrance from far and wide. The locals just love their tree. When they choose the name, it was because the new Centre, to be lovingly built by mothers, children, seniors and all the other local people, was holding so much promise..