Het verhaal van Lila

Lila met zijn gezin en moeder.

First of all many thanks from bottom of heart to Mummy (Our god, Trees van Rijsewijk), you gave love to us which is not less than a love people receive from their own mother who gave birth. You worked for us day and night without caring rain and hot. Went to door to door with request to the people for the support of thousands orphan children like us. With your support we became capable to stand by ourselves being like doctor, nurse, teacher, army etc. We never forget your support and welfare. Once again we thank you from our heart and body.

You are helping poor and orphan children like us and changed the dark life in bright. With this support we are very happy. At present, I am teaching in Shree Kumari Primary School which was established by you. I am getting change to help and teach the thousands orphan children like me. Mummy, I am always ready to be with you and put hands together to bring your dream true. With this promise, I am writing story of life before I came to Kumari School.

Before my birth, my elder brother lost his life in “Bandre” village, Shyangja district of Nepal because of lack of proper food which was not provided by my step mother and Aunty (father’s sister). They feed my elder brother milk and ghee of buffalo instead of milk from my mother, which caused the untimely death of my elder brother. After 15/16 years of death of my elder brother, my mother became pregnant and she was kicked out from home. After she left the home, she survived roaming from one place to another place and eat the food what people give to her. She was working as home servant and she gave me birth at Kukurmara of Nawalparasi on 2049/06/20 B.S.( 5th September, 1992). After my birth, life of my mother filled with more difficulties. During that time, nothing was belongs to her and nobody was with her and her own. She has relatives but everybody became unfamiliar as she was mentally disturbed. My mother roams around by carrying me in small Doko (bamboo bucket) from one place to other. She eats foods what people offer her. When my mother’s mind doesn’t work, then there is no sure of food to eat and place to live/sleep, whether it is day or night she doesn’t mind. Even she works in people’s house and her mind doesn’t work then people let her leave the work and get out from home.  During that time some kind people give food with sympathy as they see me very small and in helpless condition. My mother survived by asking the help showing my trouble to the people. Many people throw stone and hit by stick to her and called “Mad Woman”. Some stone hit me too but my mother always holds me in her arms and protect from such attack. Where people despise and insult her, she leaves that places and goes to temples where she can stay and feel peace. When she has food and utensil in her “Doko” to cook food she collects the fire wood from the jungle and cook the food which we eat deliciously. But, when her mind doesn’t work, then there is not possible to expect from her all this. Many days and night was spent with empty stomach. Many people asked my mother to give me to them as they don’t have their own child and somebody even tried to loot me from arms of my mother but my mother didn’t agree with them. She always says that this child is reason of my life and to be alive. Her 6/7 years was spent with heavy loads of difficulties. As she is travelling from one place to other carrying me on her back to survive, one day, we arrived in Kawasoti. Staying at Kawasoti for about two weeks, one day one man with long hair and beard who was known as “Jhamte” saw us in such difficult condition. He took us to his home with full of love and compassion. As he know that in Hasora there is school for such poor, orphan and children with difficulties, he took initiation to admit me in that school which is “Kumari Primary School”. After acceptance of my mother, he brought and admitted me in Kumari School. When I stepped first time in Kumari School, then the door was opened with golden opportunity in my life. I got good food, nice clothes, nice place to live and good education. I met several friends as me and who had difficult life as me before. We share our experiences and feelings with each other. When I remember the past, tears dropped from eyes and when remember the present, my face covers with full lights of happiness. As I stay in Kumari School, my mother comes to visit me with the food which she gets from people and from temples where people organize many rituals, marriage ceremonies. As mother love, she always comes to me when she gets good and delicious food. When my mother comes to meet me in school, I tell her every good thing which I have. During that time, I could see face of my mother with full of happiness which also keeps me very happy.

But, as she has mental problem and when her mind doesn’t work, she comes to school and try to take me back with her. With her this behavior, gives lots of trouble to the staffs and students of Kumari School. With this behavior, I  also feel very sad but after some days my mother become normal. In this way I am growing in Kumari School and studied for 13/14 years.

Kumari Trust also supported for treatment of my mother. Trust helped with the treatment of Dr Janine Aunty. Treatment was provided in Kumari Trust when Janine Aunty came and she treated my mother keeping her in Trust for 6/7 months. After this treatment and medication, my mother is fine till now. I am very happy with this support also. So, from my personal side, I like to give thanks from my heart to Mummy Teresa, Janine Aunty and entire family of Kumari Trust. Now, my mother comes to Kumari Trust time to time, remembers Teresa Mummy, Kumari Trust and give thanks.

Kumari Trust supported me from my childhood to higher secondary level with good education along with food and shelter. After that, when I had to find the way and job to be independent, again this organization provided me another golden opportunity by selecting me as a teacher in Kumari School. So, with this opportunity also I am very glad. I was poor and my life was full of difficulties but now I got change to contribute for the children who also had very difficult life as I had before. I am sure that I can also contribute with my heart, experience, qualification for their bright future.

My life was started with emptiness and nobody was with me. But now, because of Kumari foundation I am living happy married life with wife and one son with taking care of my mother in my own home. I could have this all because of Kumari Foundation. Likewise, I should not forget to mention here that my life partner also got opportunity to study the course of  ANM (midwife) and now she became qualified ANM.

Our gratitude is always with Mummy Teresa, Kumari Trust, all members of Trust who are always with us during our sorrow and happiness. Without all of you, we are nothing and our life is nothing.

At last I like to state here ” If I didn’t get chance to get in Kumari Trust and didn’t get education, me and mother won’t be in this world long time before”

Lila Bahadur Bhandari